Effective Study Habits

Read a very interesting article today published by the British Psychology Society about effective habits for studying and retaining  information. Some new technique and some old favorites were listed. Rather than repeating the article al over again, I’ve just done a quick summary and provided a quick link back to the original article if you’d like to have a proper read. So the 9 effective study habits they found are as follows:

  1. Having a growth Mindset – It supposedly helps if you believe that your intelligence can grow just like another aspect.
  2. A good night sleep
  3. Not beating your self up over procrastinating
  4. Test your self – Rather than rereading the same information over again,  studies have shown that testing your self is a better use of this time.
  5. Pace yourself -  yeah yeah know this one . Studying information in periodic intervals gives you the opportunity to retain more than doing a cram session.
  6. Real life examples may not work – This was a new one to me . I’ve always tried to think of examples to help me remember stuff but supposedly, it doesn’t work. Go figure.
  7. Take Naps – Short naps, even as short as 10 mins helps reduce fatigue.
  8. Get handout – Get the information before hand. Asking for the presentation or lecture notes before the day helps you focus on the speaker rather than busily taking notes.
  9. Self Belief – Those who held the self belief that the were good problem solvers on average did better.

I know some of this information is obvious but i still thought some of this stuff was really interesting.  The people at BCP do some really good work so if you want the full article check it out using this link below:

BPS Research Digest: 9 evidence-based study tips.

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